UK Market Research

Collecting the answers that matter

Results matter. We provide not only cross tables but also a full report with charted summaries. We offer market leading prices for a 2000 nationally representative audience in the UK.

Data Pad believe in transparent pricing for our UK market research, no hidden costs and comprehensive reporting as standard.

Rate card

  • Entry fee

    No fee to book space on our UK omnibus


  • Questions and pre-defined answers

    Single or multiple choice (up to 10 answers per question)


  • Scale questions

    Statements answered against a scale (grid questions), single or multiple choice, cost per 5 statements


  • Ranking question

    Order list of answers (up to 10 answers per question)


  • Open-ended

    Full verbatim answers and word clouds


  • Open-ended with sentiment analysis

    Full verbatim answers, word clouds and additional sentiment analysis report


  • Flash poll

    2 hour turnaround, maximum 3 questions


  • Image and video

    Use images or video as part of your questions


  • Reporting suite

    Full excel tables with PDF summary reports.


  • Brand awareness survey package

    Benchmark your brand awareness full study


  • Download PDF rate card

Take our sample survey to see how each question will appear to our panelists.

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Brand awareness


Our Brand Awareness survey is written and structured ready for you to use, we can go straight to field the day of sign off and get you results as soon as the fieldwork closes.

Have a big marketing campaign coming up? Or just want to know how your sector is changing and responding to new entrants? A regular brand awareness study can make sure you have the right information to make key business strategic decisions.

We have our brand awareness step through which covers:

  • Top of mind
  • Unprompted awareness
  • Prompted awareness
  • Brand engagement
  • Customer satisfaction

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