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Results matter. We provide not only cross tables but also a full report with charted summaries. We offer market leading prices for a 2000 nationally representative audience in the UK.

Our opted-in panel, OpinionHive, is managed by Data Pad and used exclusively for Data Pad customers.

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report charts

Fully Charted Report

This report will show each of your questions broken down by the key demographic questions of age group, gender and region.

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summary results

Summary Report

PDF report with graphical results showing the top level responses to your questions.

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report charts

Sentiment Analysis

This will provide an in-depth analysis to your open-ended questions, which in addition to the standard verbatim answers and word clouds, will also supply a sentiment analysis report.

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excel tables

Excel tables

Cross breaks include: Gender, Age (5 bands), Government Office Region, Household Income, Education Age, Employment Status, Marital Status, and Tenure. Plus each of your own questions will be used as cross breaks, giving you an extension data set for all your analysis.

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verbatim responses

Full verbatim responses

Full verbatim responses to all open-ended questions will be supplied within the tables.

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Delivering accurate research solutions

At Data Pad we believe that when an organisation has a question, there should be a way of getting an answer, quickly and effectively. Our omnibus service is a cost-effective way to get that answer, finding out people's opinions, attitudes and behaviours that matter to your business.

Using our own exclusive panel, OpinionHive, and our own bespoke research platform, we can significantly reduce your research costs and give you your answers the next working day.

Our philosophy

Customer service is at the heart of everything Data Pad does.


Data quality and accuracy are the two essential ingredients we believe makes our projects successful.


Through a highly automated process we deliver results that are timely, workable and cost effective.


All of our information is held in a GDPR compliant UK environment.

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