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Data Pad’s Flash Poll Launch

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new polling service, Flash Poll, which delivers statistics within 120 minutes.

do you:

  • Want to know what the nation thinks of a breaking news story?
  • Need something for that pitch?
  • Are you looking for an immediate killer stat to add to your feature?
  • Need an up to the minute accurate headline?
  • Just want to know what people think of something, immediately?

Look no further.

Our new Flash Poll will give you answers today!

Data Pad’s Flash Poll allows you to get rapid, nationally representative responses to questions, with full tables and charted reports with a 2 hours fieldwork window.

A Flash Poll will allow you to move fast, break or test the latest news, win pitches, and will assist with campaign strategy, evaluation and planning. Every brand would like to unlock the key to generating media coverage and Data Pad’s Flash Poll allows you to know your customers better, faster.

Our Flash Poll makes perfect sense for marketing and customer insights; it can also help you to understand your desired industry trends. The comprehensive tables and charted reports can be used to create customer and prospect-led strategic decisions confidently with Data Pad research.

Gain the edge and create winning consumer fact-based pitches and Maximise sell-in with trend-setting insights. Give your clients confidence that you know their audience better than they do. Get the edge and give your pitch credibility with Data Pad research.

Data Pad’s Flash Poll enables you to build better audience-driven campaigns, track and concept test, and measure reaction to your advertising, campaigns and brand awareness.

Pandemic Flash Poll

Just last week we deployed our first Flash Poll, in which we asked our consumer panel about the recent pandemic originating in China, the coronavirus. Due to the developing nature of the situation, we were keen to collect a snapshot of public opinion, to prevent the results from being affected by further information coming out.

We found that 92% of people support screening all those travelling from China to the UK for the Corona Virus within 120 minutes. Read more about it here.

Enter up to three questions into our daily deployments at a fixed rate of only £550 per question. For more details, view our rate card here.

To find out more, or to request your own Flash Poll, please email

About Data Pad

We believe that when an organisation has a question, no matter how big or small, there should be a way of getting an answer, quickly and effectively. Our 2-Hour Flash Polls, 24-hour polls and in-depth market research survey services are cost-effective ways to get answers. Find out opinions, attitudes and behaviours that matter to your business, or facts to support your stories and articles.

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