Makeup Trends 2020

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Makeup trends change with every Fashion Week and catwalk show but what trends are the UK consumers following this winter?

We asked our panel how much makeup they use, where they shop, and which brands are in their Top 10. Where do people find inspiration, reviews and tutorials for our makeup looks?  We also explored the growing trend for ‘makeup for men’.

85% of young women and 76% of women over 40s regularly use makeup. While still in the minority, men are starting to take an interest too with 12% of young men buying make-up compared to 3% of over 40s.

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Our stats reveal that education and tutorials may be an effective form of advertisement as 58% of women (73% 18-29s) would like to be better at doing makeup and 37% say they would wear more makeup more often if they could apply it better.

Whilst the majority of people think makeup looks best when less noticeable, 80% of women 30+ hold this opinion, the most of any group by far.  This highlights the changes in makeup application for ageing skin types.

Shopping Habits

79% of makeup buyers are still shopping in chemists and department stores with only 28% opting to purchase online.

Male Beauty

Although 63% of young men say they will never wear makeup, male beauty and makeup for men is becoming more normalised, with increasing numbers of male influencers heading up big brand advertising campaigns.

38% of young women and 24% of young men feel that more men should experiment with makeup – however, only 10% of people over 30 would agree.

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19% of young men say they would be like to be better at doing makeup and would wear more makeup (15%) more often (13%) if they were better at applying it. While clearly still a minority these statistics are 3-5 times larger than for men 30+ demonstrating a rapid change in the perception of male cosmetics.

The nations favourite makeup brands

L’Oréal is the UK’s favourite makeup brand, preferred by 10% of consumers and closely followed by Maybelline (10%) then Avon (7%), MAC (6%), and Clinique (5%).

In terms of customers, it’s Maybelline on top with 31% of makeup shoppers buying their products in the last year. L’Oréal is second with 29% and Avon (19%), Revlon (15%), and MAC (13%) completing the Top 5 brands.

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Reviews that we trust

When looking for reviews and recommendations 25% of people turn to YouTube, 19% ask friends, 15% check out Instagram and only 5% take notice of TV advertising for makeup brands.

Friends and YouTube are considered the best sources of information by 19% of shoppers each with online store reviews and beauty magazines preferred by 11% and 10% respectively.

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With the continued decline of print beauty titles, Beauty and Skincare Gurus or Beauty Influencers are a popular choice among 40% of our younger panel members with 27% following Jeffree Star, 14% James Charles, and 13% NikkieTutorials.

55% of makeup wearing subscribers have gone on to purchase products based on influencer reviews and the most popular products are makeup palettes, foundation, primer, eyeshadow, and lipsticks. With 93% having a positive opinion of their purchase and the results.

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