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Are tattoos becoming less taboo?

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So, you got yourself a tattoo when you were in your early twenty’s, do you still love it?

According to our consumer panel, you probably don’t. We asked 2000 men and women about tattoos, regrets, location, perception, and stereotypes of the growing number of inked people in 2019.

37% of people surveyed admitted to having a tattoo, they typically had just the one (32%) or a whopping 5 or more (29%). Of those in the middle 18% had 2 tattoos, 12% had 3, and 9% had 4 tats on their body.

Youth spirit

We asked what age people had their first body art and 34% were 18 years old or under, 20% 19-21, and 18% 22-29. Just 2% of people had their first tat after turning 60.

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Tattoo Regrets we had a few

Of those surveyed 20% had regrets about their tattoo choices with 12% regretting having a tattoo in the first place. Having the name of an ex partner etched on your skin was one of the biggest regrets along with colour, the design, tattoo location, visibility, or quality. People also felt that tattoos became less appealing as they got older.


We asked our panel if people with tattoos had more in common with other people who had them but only 17% felt this was true. 1 in 5 thought that people with tattoos have a different outlook on life with 10% strongly disagreeing with that statement.

As tattoos become more mainstream in society with people of all ages and backgrounds now choosing to have them the stigma seems to have reduced. Just 20% of people felt that they are treated differently due to having tattoos and only 5% felt very strongly that this was the case.

Barriers to getting a tattoo

39% of our panel told us that they had considered getting a tattoo so what factors had stopped people getting one? Reasons vary from being unable to decide on a design, risk of infection, the cost, the pain, and what parents, friends, or employees would think.

What words say TATTOO to you?

We asked people to describe people with tattoos, specifically thinking about values and outlook. Take a look at our sentiment analysis.

panelist used words like Brave, free, creative, cool, confident to positively describe people with tattoos and used words like stupid, dirty, horrible, ugly to negatively describe people with tattoos.
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Perhaps unsurprisingly, we found that younger people had a much more positive opinion than elder people.

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