Skincare Trends for 2020

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We asked about skincare

Has the nation adopted the best skincare habits, are we really happy with our appearance and how we feel in our own skin? Data Pad asked a panel of men and women how important skincare was to them, how satisfied they were with the overall health and appearance of the body's largest organ. We asked about their skincare habits, favourite brand of moisturiser and makeup. How much does skin health and appearance really matter to Brits?

Men are generally happier with the health and appearance of their skin and this could be down to a number of factors including less peer and social pressure to look a certain way. Overall 23% of men and women were not that happy when they looked in the mirror. Men wear their skin better, with only 14% being unhappy with the health and appearance of their skin.

The figure is considerably higher for young people, particularly young women; 36% of women aged 18-29 and 17% of men say they are dissatisfied.

Skincare Habits

These days, when it comes to our skincare routines, we’re pretty clued up. Searches for “vitamin C skincare” on Pinterest were up by 3,379 per cent year-on-year in 2018; most of us know our hyaluronic acid from our salicylic acid, and we’re probably all aware that we should be using an SPF daily. So what are our skincare habits and which ones do men and women prefer?

Well, 67% of women say skincare is an important part of their daily routine versus just 29% for men who tackle their skincare with simple soap and water. However, 3 in 10 men say skincare is an important part of their daily routine.

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60% of women use a daily moisturiser with 25% opting for an anti-ageing variety. This is in stark contrast to just 21% of men aged 18-39 giving their skin a daily boost of moisture.

37% of men 18-39 say skincare is an important part of their daily routine, considerably higher than men. Skincare is an important part of the daily routine for 1 in 3 men under 40 with 38% of men under 40 spending more than £10 per month on beauty and grooming products.

Hand cream is popular with 36% of women using it daily and perfume is important with 47% of women and 36% of young men opting to smell delicious every day using perfume or aftershave.

When It comes to moisturising, there are some clear winners with Nivea by far the UK’s favourite.

The top 3 moisturiser brands are:

  1. Nivea
  2. L'Oréal
  3. Olay
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Wiping away with a social conscience

With leading, luxury department store Selfridges stepping up and banning the in-store use and sale of harmful facial wipes after conducting a customer survey or consumers appear to be reducing their consumption of wipes as well.

The UK uses an estimated 5 billion facial cleansing wipes per year which once flushed cause blockages and “fat-bergs” in sewers. Data Pad found that only a small number of people [15%] use facial wipes daily and 65% less than monthly or not at all which is great news.

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