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The men’s hair grooming market is set to continue strong growth in the UK according to our recent haircare and grooming study powered by A UK consumer panel of 2000 respondents noted a sharp rise in men taking more interest in their grooming habits, styling tools and hair and skincare products.

UK consumer panel

It seems like last year was the time for moustaches and buzz cuts but 2019 is going down in history for the male pompadour and hairstyles more Like George Michael circa Wham, or latter-day Lady Di, for boys also for the tidy groomed beard. When it comes to facial treatments and skincare, it has never been more acceptable or to dab on little bit of makeup or treat yourself to the odd non-invasive wrinkle procedure.

Fuelled by style-conscious millennials coupled with the e-commerce access when looking for grooming and styling tips 23% of men said that they regularly search for inspiration online with 18% of men watching ‘how to’ videos, 11% turning to social media and just 5% searching print magazines for styling advice. 22% of men stated that hair care was important to them with a further 28% saying that their hair was really important. Grooming hot spots appear to be Northern Ireland followed by London and the North East of England.

Where people go for recommendations
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Hair care and Gender Specific Products

Whilst looking good is important men are letting their hair down when it comes to purchasing styling tools with just 19% of men owning their own hairdryer! That’s right just 19% of men versus 83% of women owning a hairdryer with a further 12% men borrowing (sheepishly sharing) their partner's hairdryer or using one at the gym. 8% of men surveyed use a hairdryer every day versus 12% drying their hair just once a month and 67% preferring to towel dry, leave hair to dry naturally.

We asked men if they preferred products that were marketed as gender-specific 62% of men do prefer male branded grooming products and devices when making a purchase. And the way that men shop is firmly online with a whopping 63% choosing Amazon as their first choice in grooming and skincare purchases.

gender specific products
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Spend Spend Spend

On average the monthly skincare spend for men was under £10 with a further 18% spending up to £20 pcm. 19% of men spending nothing at all on skincare each month with a definite nod to the soap and water era by age 70 plus. When purchasing products some men just leave it to their partners with 22% passing the skincare baton onto their spouses especially in the South East and East Midlands.

Monthly spend for males and females
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When shopping for skincare and moisturiser 20% men tended to shop at the chemist, 8% direct from the brand on the high street with 29% of men getting their skincare in the supermarket. Of those who shopped online 62% of men said Amazon is the ‘go-to’ online shop for grooming products.

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