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Do pets increase our happiness and success?

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Human and dog
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Are We Really A Nation of Pet Lovers?

We created a survey looking at pet ownership, spending habits and uncovered the most popular pets in the UK. We asked what stopped people from owning a pet and what gifts people bought their pets for birthdays and Christmas.

Our study highlighted key findings such as monthly expenditure, importance of pet vitamin supplements and our relationship with pets and our human partners. We also asked whether owning a pet increases your chances of happiness and success.

What pets do we own?

67% of people surveyed owned at least 1 pet in their household and most pet owners have more than one pet according to our results. People told us about pets like the more obvious cats and dogs but included other animals ranging from goats, horses and alpacas to spiders, fish, hedgehogs, frogs, mice and snails.

Britain’s Top 10 Pets

  1. Dog
  2. Cat
  3. Fish
  4. Bird
  5. Reptile
  6. Rabbit
  7. Guinea Pig
  8. Horse
  9. Hamster
  10. Rat or Mouse

Our study showed the most popular pet to be dogs with 38% followed by cats at 34% of households. And of those cat owners questioned 29% had more than 1 cat versus 25% having more than 1 dog. More women appear to own a pet and of the cat variety were owned 29% by men and 39% owned by women.

People who did not own any pets state work commitments, allergies, cost, time and their landlords as the reason why not.

Dog running
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Their health and yours

Previous research shows the benefits of having a pet: they provide companionship and can help improve mental health, facilitate additional contact with people and encourage exercise.

Exercise is something that is great about owning a dog and we do also appear to be a nation of dog walkers with 38% walking the dog twice per day. People in Scotland, North East and Wales are walking their dogs up to three times per day to take in the scenery it seems.

Spending on our pets

Some people spend an absolute fortune on their pets and the pet market in the UK is worth millions with pet lovers not averse to splashing out £££ on great food, treats, toys, bedding, even clothing and the costs of keeping their pets healthy.

51% of pet owners spend up to £50 a month on their pets on average. 31% spend £50-£100 and 10% spend between £101-£150 per month. Londoners and younger people [18-29] tended to spend the most on their pets with 10% hitting the £101 threshold.

Vitamins for pets

When it comes to giving our pets vitamins the verdict is still out.

More pet owners think giving pets vitamins is important [37%] than unimportant [23%], a third are somewhere in between.

Cat and gifts
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Gifts for pets

Gifting your pet is also very popular with 44% giving Christmas gifts along with 33% giving gifts all year round for no special occasion. People in Northern Ireland are also more likely to buy their pet a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Top 5 Time To Gift Your Pet

  1. Christmas
  2. Anytime
  3. Birthday
  4. Easter
  5. Halloween

Sadly 20% of pets get no gifts at all.

It’s me or the dog!

43% of pet owners surveyed are just as happy to spend an equal amount of time with their pets and partners.

26% prefer to spend more time with their partner, whilst 9% prefer to spend more time with their pet. However, with 10.3% of pet owners running a social media account for their pets this surely eats into the time left to spend lovingly with your partner. More men than women run social media for their pets.

Do our pets increase our happiness and success?

We found that 63% of consumers agree owning a pet increases your chance of being happy and successful. Only 7% say owning a pet does not increase their success and happiness.

Do our pets increase our happiness and success?
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It is clear, our pets and even our partners are loved, and pet owners are happy to spend good money on their pets. Many of our participants agree owning a pet can improve our well-being by increasing our chance of being happy and successful. All is not lost in love as most still prefer to spend time with their partners and pet(s) equally.

People, partners and pets are happy and that is all that really matters.

You can download the Pet Owners Fact Sheet here.

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