Who are honibe and what do they want to know?

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Honibe is a family owned business from Prince Edward Island in Canada who want to start selling their honey gummy multivitamins in the UK, but they also want to know more about the UK market and worked with us to ask people in the UK what they thought of multivitamins.

The multivitamin market in North America is very different to Europe. honibe wanted to understand the current buying behaviors of UK consumers, the size of the existing market and how the NHS guidance effects purchasing behaviours.

Our research team here at Data Pad, took the time to understand the needs of honibe and worked with them to design a questionnaire that would answer the key business questions they had in entering this new market:

  • The current views of consumers of multivitamins;
  • Current purchase behaviors;
  • Receptiveness to buying multivitamins online;
  • The understanding of NHS guidance, and finally;
  • Feedback on the proposed honibe branding

We presented this survey to our online panel, OpinionHive. Our Opinionhivers are exclusively used for Data Pad customers. We believe the best panels are those which create a community and values its members. We ensure that our surveys are short and interesting, and we take great care to make sure our members are engaged and active. To guarantee we can answer your business questions fast, we supply the results, which includes full charts and tables, within 24 hours of the close of fieldwork.

We always supply a 2000 nationally representative sample of the UK, by age, gender and region, to ensure that the results would give honibe an accurate picture of the market in the UK.

What did honibe learn?

In order to understand the market, we asked how important multivitamins were to households, 12% think multivitamins are very important; this rises to 17% in the over 70s and down to 8% in the 50-59 age group.

Survey Breakdown
Overall, how important are multivitamins supplement to your household?

Women think they are more important than men, with 29% of men saying they were not important at all, compared with 19% of women.

honibe offer a honey gummy multivitamin; only 16% of respondents have purchased a chewable multivitamin in the past year, compared with 53% purchasing a tablet form.

However, there is definitely an appetite for more chewable vitamins. 29% of respondents said they were much more likely or a little more likely to buy their current multivitamin in gummy format if it was available. This was strongly correlated with age; the 18-29 year-old respondents being 55% ‘a little or a lot more’ likely to purchase a gummy vitamin.

Purchasing Online

honibe is currently only available online in the UK market. We asked about purchase behaviours in the past 12 months. 22% have purchased multivitamins online and will do again in the future, 47% of respondents have not and will not buy online, while 21% would consider it in future but have not yet.

NHS advice on multivitamin usage could provide an important driver to people’s willingness to buy multivitamins. honibe wanted to understand whether the advice was getting cut through with consumers and could therefore be influencing multivitamins use in the UK.

The NHS advice on taking supplements states that some groups may benefit as they are risk of deficiency. Were you aware of the following NHS advice?
All women thinking about having a baby should take a folic acid supplement 74%
Babies up to 1 year old should have vitamin D supplements 38%
People who are not often exposed to the sun should take a vitamin D supplement 79%
All children between 1 and 4 years old should have a vitamin D supplement 33%
All children aged 6 months to 5 years should take a supplement containing vitamin A, C and D 32%

Brand awareness

We asked our Opinionhivers if they had ever heard of honibe, in order to benchmark the brand awareness for the marketing drive in 2019. We found that 8% of our panel had heard of the brand.

The respondents were presented with an image of the honibe honey gummy multivitamins, they were asked to give their impressions on the packaging. The word cloud below, illustrates the responses with the frequency of the word represented by the size of the text.

Word cloud

Honibe were able to use the omnibus research to benchmark brand awareness and to better understand buying behaviours in the UK.

More significantly, it gave them some segments which had a clear preference for the product they are offering and presents an opportunity to deliver their message tailored to the most receptive groups.

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