Sunscreen Brand Awareness

The big names in the UK market

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Brand awareness is the fundamental to any successful business; people need to know you exist before they can begin to consider buying from you. Data Pad make it easy. Our Brand Awareness survey is written and structured ready for you to use. We can go straight to our Panel the day of sign off and get you results as soon as the fieldwork closes.

This sunscreen study looks at the top brands in the UK market, going through promoted and unprompted awareness, customer satisfaction and brand sentiment.

Data tables include:

  • Summary report
  • Full report including breakdown by age, gender and region
  • Excel tables

Question Summary

  • Top of Mind
  • Unprompted awareness
  • Promoted awareness
  • Preferred brand of sunscreen

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  • Summary of research results

Data Bundle


  • Includes fully charted reports
  • Includes summary report
  • Includes excel tables with detailed cross breaks

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