Sugar Consumption

A bitter pill to swallow?

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The UK government introduced a sugar tax on soft drinks in 2018. Consumers were asked about their attitudes towards the tax and whether the sugar levy tax is making a positive or negative impact on purchase decisions.

We asked the consumer panel OpinionHive about their sugar consumption and the trend of their consumption habits over the last year and the impact that the sugar tax has had on their behaviour.

The free to download fact sheet includes a two-page summary of the research, also available is the full research report and data tables with cross breaks for demographics including: Gender, Age (5 bands), Government Office Region, Household Income, Education Age, Employment Status, Marital Status and Tenure.

Data bundle includes:

  • Summary report
  • Full report including breakdown by age, gender and region
  • Excel tables with cross breaks for all questions and demographics

Question Summary

  • Desserts eaten
  • Sugar in hot drinks
  • Soft drink purchases
  • Perception of health impacts
  • Understanding of recommended daily calories
  • Sugar tax opinion
  • Current health concerns

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  • Summary of research results

Data Bundle


  • Includes fully charted reports
  • Includes summary report
  • Includes excel tables with detailed cross breaks

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