2020 Hair & Beauty Trends

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We asked which makeup brands and style tips our panel are likely to be using, where they shop and more about their favourite beauty, hair and skincare products. They share more about their preferences when looking for beauty advice, product recommendations and inspiration for new makeup looks in 2020.

We explore the growing trend for makeup for men and find out if men are fussy about male grooming and shaving. We asked if the nation would adopt better skincare habits and if, in this Instagram age, we are happy with the way we look and how we feel about our appearance.

We asked about the top skincare products and how satisfied people are with their moisturiser and makeup brands and what beauty, skin and hair treatment look set to stay hot in 2020.

The free to download factsheet provides a summary of our findings from a 2000 nationally representative sample of men and women from across the UK.

Question Summary

  • Favourite makeup brands
  • How often do we use makeup
  • Shopping habits
  • Skincare Habits
  • Top skincare products
  • Treatment trends
  • All about Male Grooming

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  • Summary of research results

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