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Need something for that pitch? Want to know what the nation thinks of a breaking news story? Don't wait, our Flash Polls will give you answers today.

Flash Polls allow you to get rapid nationally representative responses to questions, with full tables and charted reports within 2 hours of deployment.

Enter up to three questions into our daily deployments at a fixed rate of simply £550 per question. For more details, view our rate card here.


Results matter. We provide not only cross tables, but also a full report with charted summaries. We offer market leading prices for a 2000 nationally representative audience in the UK. This gives you an insight that can change, inform and improve your business decisions on the fly.

Our opted-in panel, OpinionHive, is managed by Data Pad and used exclusively for Data Pad customers.

  • Submit your questions via our online survey builder, or contact us directly. Our specialist research team will provide you with sample outputs and scheduling information, and will continue to support you throughout the process.

  • Our expert researchers will work with you to ensure that your questions meet your business needs so they are ready for our next deployment.

  • Leave the rest to us. You can expect to receive your results as soon as the fieldwork window closes.

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