Frequently asked questions

What you need to know about the Data Pad omnibus

What is an omnibus study?

An omnibus study (sometimes called a piggyback study) is a survey which runs at regular intervals and companies can buy a set of questions within this study. It is a fast and cost-effective way of getting the answers to your business needs, without having to commission bespoke research.

It does mean that respondents answer questions on other topics before and after your set of questions, we ensure that there is no clash of subject matter that may influence your results.

What is the size of the omnibus sample?

Our omnibus delivers 2000 UK nationally representative individuals over the age of 18 (based on gender, age and geography). Want a different sample size? Contact us to find out more.

Where will the sample come from?

The sample will be drawn from our own panel called OpinionHive. We don’t share our panel members with anyone. Our panel is for the exclusive use of Data Pad clients.

Why do Data Pad use a sample of 2000 as standard?

The sample for audiences is selected using a technique known as proportionate stratified probabilistic sampling. This helps to ensure that all subsets of the population in age band, gender and geographical region are proportionally represented.

The margin of error on the survey results is driven by the size of the sample that is drawn from the population. The larger the sample, the smaller the margin of error. Data Pad recommends a total sample size of 2,000 as a minimum in order to maintain a good balance between cost and sampling error rates across subsets of the population.

Consider the following example:
A nationally representative sample of 2000 adults are asked a yes/no question. Within this sample there are 350 people aged between 18-29, of which, 50% of the respondents answer yes.

The margin of error due to sampling for those aged 18-29 is ±5.1% with a 95% confidence interval. If the total sample size was halved from 2000 to 1000 adults the uncertainty on this estimate would grow to ±7.3%, this is 43% relative increase in uncertainty.

How frequently will Data Pad be running omnibus surveys?

Data Pad runs daily deployments. We can schedule your work for a future date or put you on the next available deployment.

What can I expect to pay for the omnibus service?

Our fees are based on a flat rate of £250 per question for all our standard question types. When you submit your questions, we will provide a written quotation.

Rate card

  • Entry fee

    No fee to book space on our UK omnibus


  • All closed questions

    Scale, ranking, single and multiple choice


  • Open-ended

    Full verbatim answers and word clouds


  • Open-ended with sentiment analysis

    Full verbatim answers, word clouds and additional sentiment analysis report


  • Flash poll

    2 hour turnaround


  • Reporting suite

    Full excel tables with PDF summary reports.


  • Brand awareness survey package

    Benchmark your brand awareness full study


  • View detailed rate card Download PDF rate card
How will payments be handled?

Once confirmation of your final questions has been received we will issue an invoice (along with our terms and conditions) for payment. We accept bank transfers or PayPal. Payment for services will be made in advance.

If you would like credit or would like to purchase a question bank for your organisation, please contact us

Can Data Pad assist the client in the writing of the questions?

Data Pad can help to write the questions with the client. Fees for this service would be dependent upon the requirements of the study. Please contact us for more information.

For clients not requiring the full market research service, Data Pad’s field and tab style omnibus, offers a cost effective service, quick turnaround results and comprehensive data sets, so your experienced researchers can get the best out of your data.

What types of questions can be asked on the Data Pad omnibus?

Question types which are available are single choice, multiple choice, scale/grid questions, ranking and questions which are open ended. You can include multimedia as part of your question.

Take our sample survey to see how they will appear to our panel members.

Is routing possible for questions?

Yes, absolutely. Routing (also known as skip-logic or branching) allows you to direct a respondent through your questions based on the answers that they give.

Routing can also be used to make basic questions more investigative by branching off into areas that are tailored to certain groups of respondents.

We recommend that for omnibus questions this routing is kept to a minimum to ensure you get the best results.

How will questions be authorised?

Data Pad are committed to the highest quality market research. Any questions submitted to the omnibus will be reviewed before deployment and changes may be recommended.

Data Pad will not accept questions that are leading, discriminatory or biased.

Our market researchers are here to support you to ensure you get the best quality results to support your business decisions.

When can I expect to receive results?

Once questions are signed off and payment has been received we will then place your questions into the next available deployment or schedule to deploy to meet your requirments.

Your results will be delivered an hour after fieldwork closure. We offer standard or accelerated deployment depending on your needs.

How will the results be delivered?

Your results will be delivered via email and contain:

  • A charted summary report – including word clouds of any open-ended questions
  • A full charted report with breakdown by age, gender and region for each question
  • Excel tables with cross tabs by each question and the additional variables
  • Verbatim responses to any open-ended questions
  • Sentiment analysis report where this is requested for open ended questions

A full set of example reports are available for download.

See how these results can be used in our hybrid and electric car case study and our multivitamins in the UK study.

Standard Analysis includes Excel Tables with cross-breaks: Gender, Age (5 bands), Government Office Region. Household Income, Education Age, Employment Status, Marital Status and Tenure.

Is Data Pad Limited a member of industry bodies?

Data Pad Limited carries out the collection of data for research projects over the internet or by telephone on behalf of our clients.

Data Pad Limited is an MRS Company Partner. All MRS Company Partners and their employees agree to adhere to the MRS Code of Conduct and MRS Company Partner Quality Commitment whilst undertaking research.

Data Pad Limited is also an ESOMAR Partner. ESOMAR partners adhere to the ESOMAR Code of Conduct on market, opinion and social research as well as data analytics whilst undertaking research. We are committed to carrying out research which is ethical, transparent and fair.

What is sentiment analysis?

We have combined both Deep Learning and Sentiment Analysis and leveraged recent advances in the field of Natural Language Processing to build a state of the art model which can predict the sentiment of free text responses to our surveys.

What is a Flash Poll?

A Flash Poll is a short quick form of research that allows you to get your results from a 2-hour same-day research window. This is perfect when you need rapid results for a pitch or press release; for example, what people think of a breaking news story, sporting event, or even an election night.

To ensure that the results are nationally representative, we use the same sampling technique used for our omnibus survey data, known as proportionate stratified probabilistic sampling. This ensures that all subsets of the population, in regard to age band, gender and geographical region, are proportionally represented, even on the Flash Polls.

The Flash Polls go out once a day, so capacity is limited to 3 questions per deployment. Make sure you contact us as soon as possible to ensure you can book into the Flash Poll service.