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What does your BRAND mean to you?


Why measure brand awareness?


Brand awareness refers to a person’s ability to recall or recognise a brand or product. Brand awareness is a key consideration in consumer behaviour, advertising management, brand management and strategy development.

Brand awareness is fundamental to any successful business. Understanding who knows and who doesn’t know about your brand. Understanding the limits of your brand awareness allows you to pitch your advertising and marketing at the correct market segments.

Brand tracking surveys give you the opportunity to explore both the quality and quantity of your brand awareness and with Data Pad we offer a cost-effective way of starting your brand tracking journey.

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What questions should you ask?

There are two major categories of survey question relating to brand awareness - prompted and unprompted.

Unprompted Awareness

Unprompted Awareness, or brand recall refers to the ability of the respondent to correctly elicit a brand name or product from memory when prompted by a product category.

With unprompted awareness, you want to get an accurate picture of a customer’s true awareness level without prompting them or biasing them. Unprompted awareness lets you know if your brand is the first brand consumers think of in your sector.

For example:

when you think of vacuum cleaners what brands come to mind?

Prompted Awareness

Prompted Awareness is the percentage of respondents who claim to have seen a brand or product, after having been shown some form of stimulus material, such as a logo or brand name.

For example:

which of the following vacuum cleaner brands have you heard of?

Dyson, Hoover, etc

Brand specific questions focus on your brand specifically, and dive deeper on specific aspects of your customer’s awareness.

  • Are people aware of your brand as an option?
  • Does your brand immediately come to mind when someone thinks about your product or service?
  • What does your brand mean to them?
  • What do they really think and feel?
  • How engaged are your customers with your brand?
  • How satisfied are your existing customers with your service?
  • Does this differ between your customers and potential customers, by age or gender or geographic region?

Measuring brand awareness

Data Pad make it easy for you

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Our Brand Awareness survey is written and structured ready for you to use. We can go straight to our Panel the day of sign off and get you results as soon as the fieldwork closes.

Have a big marketing campaign coming up? Or just want to know how your sector is changing and responding to new entrants? A regular brand awareness study can make sure you have the right information to make key business strategic decisions.

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What you get

Comprehensive reporting to benchmark your brand awareness

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Brand engagement
  • Top of mind
  • Unprompted awareness
  • Prompted awareness

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Tracking brand awareness

Take your brand to the next level with repeat studies on an ad hoc basis

What we need from you

  1. Product type/category
  2. All major brands in your sector that you would like to benchmark against
  3. Your brand name and brand logo

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